Business Analytics

Business Intelligent & Analytics solution for lending is designed to gain full business insight into lending related risk-management of banks and other financial institutions. Using the customized dashboards banks and financial institutions can view and analyze their NPA’s as well as check the performances of their various lending related products while its analytics engine helps them understand the possible risks in the markets.

Some of the other features are as follows:

Decision Support System

Business Intelligent and Analytics platform also acts as an executive decision support system, where, based on historical data, the admin can make decisions as per ‘what if’ analysis and predictive analysis. Thus, for instance a bank can evaluate the effect a change in interest rate, of say 25 basis points; will have across the board on different parameters.

Create Ad-hoc reports

Creating a new report is extremely easy with the drag and drop features. The user can himself define the parameters and then choose the required fields as well as define the periodic intervals for report publishing.

Profitability Analysis

It also expedites the process of evaluating the product profitability including aspects such as time frame, customer profiles etc. For instance, a bank can immediately get real time information about the number of footfalls and average amount drawn by customers at a particular ATM, the bank is then able to take decisions about the cash and even security required at that ATM center.

Monitoring product performance through customized dashboards

The product dashboards by Business Intelligent and Analytics platform allow banks to analyze information regarding the performance of products and thus accordingly plan and predict the customer behavior for products in the pipeline. Aspects like profitability and sales of products and customer demographic can be gauged and analyzed