Divyan Technologies provide ASP.NET software development services to create advanced web applications scaling from simple content managed systems to enterprise level applications with growing importance being laid on the security of web applications, the built-in features of ASP.NET, along with other security strategies can help you get a powerful interface to ensure a secure environment for your applications. Divyan Technologieshelp by providing Asp.Net application development services with advantages.

Divyan Technologies offers a consulting-led integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services delivered through its unique Global Network Delivery Model™ (GNDM™), recognized as the benchmark of excellence in software development.


PHP has evolved rapidly and is today being used extensively on the WEB, because of Open source and simple. About 77.9% websites on internet are made on PHP. Our team of expert level PHP developers have expertise in PHP and are always ready to fulfill your needs of any level of complexity of Customized Web Application services or maintenance work in PHP. At Divyan Technologies, we also work on wordpress, joomla, drupal, oscommerce, x-cart, magento, open cart, etc. We can develop any web application in any open source according to client's requirements.

Common project types on PHP:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Product Catalogs
  • Customer Management
  • Order Tracking
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Live Chats
  • File Management (Docs and Media Files) & Mailing Systems


HTML and CSS are the heart of the web. Everyday we work with designers who are held back by not having a solid understanding of these core technologies. If that sounds like you, don't despair! The essentials of HTML and CSS are not hard to learn. We've developed a unique course that starts from the beginning and focuses exclusively on modern web coding techniques. By the end of this class, we guarantee that you'll be comfortable writing HTML and doing simple styling with CSS.


Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, designed mainly for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android became the most popular mobile OS, having the largest installed base, and is a market leader in most countries including the United States. Hence the demand of Android Apps is increasing day by day- There are millions of Android Apps available on Google Play, but there is always a need of custom coded mobile applications.

Adobe & Coral

Photoshop is a graphics editing program by Adobe that is used by professionals and regular consumers. It is usable on a variety of operating systems and is available in a variety of languages. This program can be used to create images from scratch or to alter existing images. Corel Draw is a PC-based graphic design vector drawing program. You can use Corel Draw to tackle a wide variety of projects, from Illustration and logo creation to Web graphics or multi-page marketing brochures, or eye-catching signs.

Jquery,Angular Js

Helps organizations perform software testing concurrently with software development, resulting in faster development, shorter testing cycles and better collaboration between development and operations teams for continual and smooth delivery Reduces the dependency on multiple applications and, hence, minimizes the effort Reduces the time required to build the test environment Ensures the effective testing of newly developed applications.

Java Technology

The Java platform differs from most other platforms in that it's a software-only platform that runs on top of other hardware-based platforms. The Java platform has two components: The Java Virtual Machine. The Java Application Programming Interface (API)

WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Openchart

Open Source is the technology where software source codes are available free (well, almost) for anybody to use, reuse and develop upon. Since the early days of the internet, there has been a strong Open Source Developer community active in developing the best software programs and applications in the world. Our expert level open source developers are ready to take up any project as a challenge, for customizing an existing application or starting fresh from idea to delivery.